4 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Design-Build Firm for Your New Home Construction Project

Hiring a construction design-build firm means you’re getting a team that handles every phase of the build including design and construction, to the final walkthrough and inspection. This requires trust in their skills to excel in every step, and a willingness to work alongside you to complete the project based on your vision. 

Since 2009, DRF Builders has proudly collaborated with homeowners to make their vision of the perfect home a reality. We understand that an integral part of the design-build construction method includes ensuring our team and our clients all feel confident in the project. 

In this guide, we outline four tips to help you choose the best team for your new home construction project.

1. Check Out Their Design-Build Portfolio

When selecting a team for your new construction project, reviewing their design-build portfolio will be your best starting point. You’ll be able to get a true sense of their quality of work, and see if they have any first-hand experience in collaborating on projects similar to yours.

An experienced design-build team will have no problem providing specific examples of builds they’ve completed that relate to your job. If a particular new home build catches your eye, ask the team about their favorite parts of the project, or even any setbacks the projects may have faced. The DRF team takes great pride in all of our work and would be more than happy to discuss any of our residential construction projects with you.

2. Strong Testimonials are a Sign of a Good Design-Build Firm

Testimonials can be extremely insightful of the experience past clients had with a design-build firm. These references can help you gather unbiased insight into the building process, efficiency in the build team, and can help you easily spot any red flags. 

If a team has a specific new home build project that you really like, ask them if the client provided a testimonial about that job specifically. Reputation is everything in the design-build construction industry, so a negative reputation is a strong indication to stay away. 

3. Communication is Essential when Choosing a Design-Build Firm

When you are building your dream home, no one ever wants to feel like they are out of the loop, and a streamlined communication process is a key benefit to using a design-build firm. When choosing the best team for your project, ask about how your project updates will be conveyed to you throughout the process. 

When discussing new home build budgets and timelines, transparency is essential. In addition to receiving regular progress updates, possible adjustments or delays in your project should always be easily and efficiently conveyed to you.

The construction experts at DRF Builders take pride in guiding clients through the entire home building process. Our stated mission is to keep every client informed with every step and reduce stress with constant communication.

4. Verifying a Design-Build Firm’s Credentials

Going beyond experience, design-build firms require proper business credentials such as active contractor’s licensing and proper insurance in the event of an accident. These endorsements are fundamental in ensuring a company can complete your job safely, efficiently, and to the highest standards and codes. Any reputable design-build firm will happily supply their credentials before breaking ground on a project. 

DRF Builders has been licensed, insured, and in good standing since our founding in 2009.

DRF Builders Make Choosing the Best Design-Build Firm Easy

DRF Builders understand choosing the best design-build firm is something not to be taken lightly. That’s why our mission is to focus on integrity, honesty, quality, and transparency through every step of the new home build process.

Your new home construction project deserves the best team for the job, and DRF Builders would love to learn more about your project. Please call or contact us online today and ask us anything about your home construction and our successful design-build process!