General Contractor Services

At DRF Builders, we believe the keys to success lie in communication and collaboration from all stakeholders right from beginning to end. When everyone—designers, architects, engineers, project managers, general contractors—is invited to the table, we foster project buy-in, coordination and efficiency from the get-go. This design-build approach to general contractor services allows us to collaborate with our customers on a higher level without leaving anyone out for a better understanding of the project’s objectives. Plus, our customers only have to deal with one point of contact; no more chasing after contractors for updates. 

You benefit from: 

  • Increased efficiency  
  • Prediction and prevention of issues and setbacks  
  • A clear, shared vision among all stakeholders 
  • Early assessment of project feasibility  
  • Shared understanding of budgetary constraints  
  • Clearer project timelines 

Our specialties

Our general contractor services

As a design-build construction company, DRF Builders works with our clients from initial planning all the way to post-construction. During pre-construction planning, our general contractors work with you to establish budgets and timelines, as well as submit necessary permits and documentation. Afterwards, we help you find the most experienced architects and engineers. Following the architectural phase, we handle everything from site prep and management to contractor supervision. Lastly, we transition your construction site into a functioning business with site cleanup, inspections and, of course, the final walkthrough.  

Learn more about the design-build approach from our blog, “The 5 Stages of Design-Build Construction”.

Pre-construction planning 

  • Project schedule and cost estimation 
  • Permit procurement and approval assistance 
  • Value engineering studies 

Architectural design

  • Architect selection 
  • Design review and approval 
  • Project schedule and cost estimation refinement 


  • Site assessment and preparation  
  • Materials procurement 
  • Schedule and cost control 
  • Subcontractor coordination 
  • Site supervision and documentation 
  • Detailed invoicing 
  • Ongoing inspection and construction quality control 


  • Site clean-up 
  • Final inspection 
  • Walk through and project approval 
  • Project documentation and maintenance plan 

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