Embarking on a commercial construction project is a huge investment of your time and money. You want to get it done right, realize the best ROI (return on investment), and avoid delays and problems. A lot of that rides on who you choose for the job, so it’s important to know how to find the best commercial general contractor in your area.  

How to Find the Best Commercial Contractor  

You can simply Google “commercial general contractor near me,” but that’s just your starting list. Next is the due diligence. Here are seven tips for narrowing that list down and ensuring that your project is in good hands.  

1. Choose Local 

Hiring a local commercial general contractor will ensure that you are partnering with someone who has a relationship with local suppliers and knows where to get the best quality materials at the best price locally. In addition, a local contractor will be familiar with permitting regulations in your area and be able to help you avoid permitting pitfalls that could drastically affect your construction project timeline and your budget.   

2. Check License, Bond, and Insurance 

The first thing you will want to check, when vetting a commercial contractor is the their license, bonding, and insurance. This will ensure that you’re dealing with a contractor who has passed muster with the licensing board and continues to answer to them. It will also protect you with regard to any rare, but potential on-site accidents. Any advertisements or websites for a well-qualified general contractor will include their license number.  

How to Verify a Commercial General Contractor License  

In California, you can visit the California State Licensing Board (CSLB) site to verify their (B – General Building) license and check its status and find any complaints. In Idaho, you can check the status at this Department of Professional Licenses site. Every state will have a similar site for checking licenses. You can also browse the list of general building contractors in your city at these sites.  

The CSLB license page for the individual contractor will also provide the bonding and workers compensation insurance information. In states that don’t display this information, you can obtain proof from the builder.  

3. Research Reputation 

A simple way to see what kind of reputation a commercial contractor has is to read online reviews and testimonials. You can start by reviewing the testimonials posted on the company’s own website, but it is also a good idea to look at reviews posted on consumer satisfaction websites. 

4. Review Online Portfolio 

Browsing through the builder’s online portfolio will give you a good idea of the type of work they perform and have experience with. If you don’t see a commercial construction project similar to yours in their portfolio, ask them for a list. (They may just be remiss in posting photos.) For a visual of the projects in that list, which are absent from the online portfolio, you can visit those companies’ websites, use Google Maps’ street view for a general idea of the project’s scope, or visit their buildings in person.   

5. Get Recommendations 

Your friends and associates may be your best resource for finding a good commercial general contractor  in your area. Ask them who they have used and what their experience was like.   

6. Inquire About Availability 

When you have a timeline to consider, it’s important to find out how far a builder is booked out, before considering them for your commercial construction project. You may not be able to afford to wait until they’re available.  

7. Ask Lots of Questions 

This partnership will be one of the most important ones that you make for your business. Take the time to make sure the builder shares your values and will be a trustworthy partner who cares about your investment. There is no such thing as asking too many questions when it comes to finding the best commercial general contractor for your project.  

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