There exist many common misconceptions about home remodeling that for the unaware or unprepared can lead to costly mistakes and serious problems. Since your home is likely your greatest asset, it becomes crucial to take your time to understand and plan your home remodeling project so you may experience the greatest increase in property value and curb appeal possible.

Before you dive into any home construction project, it is important to know the facts and when needed, reach out to a reputable and trusted home contractor. Read on to learn about 5 commonly held home remodeling myths.

Myth: Doing It Yourself Will Save Money

Depending on the size and scale of your home remodeling project as well as the extent of your ability, many people have the know-how (or at least knows someone who does) to take on small weekend projects on their own. However, many home projects are easier said than done. Often people find themselves in over their heads and end up paying for costly repairs and repurchasing materials due to a lack of understanding or proper equipment. Home construction projects can also be potentially dangerous if caution is not taken during demolition work or using precarious materials.

Hiring a trusted and professional home contractor can actually save you time and money. Home contractors are experienced and can prepare written cost estimates, foresee potential problems, and provide timelines for the duration of a project. Not to mention a guarantee on quality work.

Myth: Any Remodel Is a Good Choice

It is important to remember that not all remodels are equal. What may look wonderful in a bedroom may not translate well throughout your entire home. When altering your home’s floorplan or dramatically changing the aesthetic, keep in mind that one day you may wish to sell your home. What works for some will not work for others. Of course, that isn’t to say you shouldn’t do as you please, it is your home after all. But impractical functionality for the sake of eccentric design should be well thought out.

A reputable home contractor will be able to assist you with your home remodel planning. Their valuable insight will help turn your dream into your dream home.

Myth: Every Home Remodel Increases Property Value

Adding an additional bedroom or bathroom can easily increase the value of your home, but it may not necessarily increase the resale value. For example, converting two smaller bedrooms into a single master bedroom might work nicely for your living situation but may be a major deterrent to a potential buyer with a family. You must keep in mind that some remodeling projects will actually hurt your ability to sell. Another common misconception is that the addition of a swimming pool will translate into a guaranteed sell. When in reality pools are actually a great deal of work to maintain and take care of. In addition, pools are big liabilities and may end up costing far more to keep around than they cost to install.

Whatever project you’re considering, home contractors have been there before and asking the professionals for advice is a smart approach.

Myth: Design Trends & Expensive Materials Attract More Buyers

Many people choose to remodel their home in preparation for putting it on the market and with careful planning and consideration, they aren’t wrong. Updating and repairing your home can add value but too often homeowners believe they will get every dollar they put in back out when they do sell. While expensive materials may bring a higher quality look and feel to a home, depending on the neighborhood and what kind of potential buyers you may attract is difficult to predict.

Money-conscious home buyers may prefer a more modest home and you may have better luck renovating your home’s exterior for improved curb appeal. If you’re remodeling your home with the intent to sell, partnering with a home contractor will help you to get the most out of your remodeling budget with smart design choices and efficient upgrades.

Myth: Building Permits Are Optional

While building permits and other important documentation may seem like a pain or even unnecessary at times, do not skip the permitting process. They are required and exist to protect you. If you begin a home construction project without the permitting step complete and are found out, you’ll face serious fines and might even be forced to undo any already finished work. No matter how seemingly small your home remodel project may feel, always reach out to your local municipality to find out if your work requires a permit.

If the permitting process feels too complex, do not worry, DRF Builders can become one of your biggest assets during this phase of your project. Our knowledgeable team will help determine which permits are required from your local city government and ensure every box is checked before moving forward with your home remodeling project in addition to any other documentation or insurance requirements.

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