Things to consider once your home contractor is finished.

After months of hard work and planning, your new home remodel or home addition is complete. The dust has settled, your home contractor’s crew has left, and it looks like all there is left to do is make your final payment. But before you reach for your checkbook and move your belongings into your newly constructed living space, you need to make certain your project is truly complete. Ensure you are satisfied by performing a final inspection and tying up any loose ends.

Here are a few simple tips to help you properly wrap up your home construction project.

Review Your Contract

You’ll want to thoroughly go over your contract in order to confirm all work has been completed as initially agreed upon. Weeks after construction has completed and your contractor paid in full is not the time to review any paperwork to see if everything is in order.

If a project has stretched over several months, it can be easy to overlook many of the finer details found within your contract. Before submitting your final payment to your home contractor, re-read your contract to check that anything that was promised was delivered and any change orders along the way were billed accordingly to the terms laid out in your contract.

Organize All Project-Related Documents

All of the paperwork involved with even a seemingly small construction project can feel overwhelming, but making certain you file and organize everything is beneficial for a number of reasons. Primarily, if a conflict arises, your project documentation may be the very thing that brings about a resolution.

The documentation you should retain includes all bills you have received along with any payments made, plans and blueprints, manuals and warranties for any new appliances, systems, or equipment, and the names and contact information for any subcontractors who may have worked on the project.

It is also a good idea to hold onto leftover material samples for things such as flooring, paint, countertops, and others in case you must buy additional quantities or coordinate new furnishings.

Prepare a “Punch-List” During Personal Inspection

Once your home contractor is finished but before your final payment is made is the time to perform your own walk-through and inspection with the intent of documenting any and all damages or unfinished tasks.

Take the time to create what is often called a “punch list”, or a list of items that still require your home contractor’s attention. Check to see all lighting/electrical features and plumbing fixtures are working. Ensure any new windows open and close easily. Closely inspect walls and trim work or newly installed materials like flooring or countertops for any damage, no matter how minor, that may have occurred during construction.

Items on your punch list may be easily visible and/or carry costly repairs. No matter how inconsequential an unfinished task may appear, include it for discussion with your home contractor.

Perform Final Walkthrough

A walkthrough with your home contractor is a time to discuss completed work and determine the finality of a project. This may include the operation of new components, maintenance care, and warranty coverage. This is also your opportunity to discuss any concerns and identify needed touch-ups or unfinished work. Depending on how you communicated any problems specified in your punch list, this may not necessarily be the final walkthrough.

Often, a walkthrough with your home contractor yields what you could call a “final punch list”, which once completed, is when a project would be considered completed and final payment is made. Ultimately, a walkthrough with your home contractor is part of the process of determining whether or not a construction project is considered complete or contested.

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