Add Value by Adding on to Your Home

There are several reasons homeowners start home addition projects. A home addition can improve design, add character, and help with the functionality of an existing Sonoma County house. Perhaps you are welcoming a new family member into your space — a baby has arrived or an older parent is moving in. No matter what the circumstance, added space is a luxury and in some cases, a necessity. 

Not only will you increase capacity with a home addition, you are likely to add value to your house or building, as well. If you plan on selling your home in the future, updating your home with additional bedrooms and bathrooms will attract potential buyers. Read on to find out which popular home addition ideas will work to increase the value to your home.

Bedroom & Bathroom Additions

A bedroom addition is the perfect way to make room for a new family member. Whether it is a nursery or new master suite, a room addition will Having a bonus room for guests is never a bad idea, either.

Increasing the number of bed- or bathrooms in your Sonoma County home can have a huge affect on the value of your home. If you don’t feel like you have the land to expand, consider a second story addition. Adding a second story to your home is the perfect way to add extra space when you don’t have the room to add on outward. A new, upstairs master suite will make all the difference as your family grows.

In-Law Suites

A in-law suite typically includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. Whether attached or detached from the home, these additions are usually set apart from the main house by a separate entrance. 

These spaces are great for live-in nannies, house guests, and more. And with the right design and build, you can also earn extra income by renting in-law suites out. You won’t have to sell your home to see the added value — it will be apparent immediately!

Garage Addition

A garage can be an amazing addition if you are lacking storage space, are tired of parking your car on the street, or a hobby is taking over the inside of your home. Attached and detached garages can provide the square footage you need to solve all of these problems. Not to mention, building above the garage can help with that extra bedroom or in-law suite we mentioned earlier.

Hire a Professional to Maximize the Return on Investment of Home Additions

A home addition should never be a DIY project. Hiring a local professional like DRF Builders will ensure you are following all zoning codes, utilizing the right materials, and avoiding costly mistakes. DRF Builders will help you design, plan, and build you home addition project. We take pride in our work every step of the way. Contact us today to request a quote.