Why You Should Hire a Design-Build Firm for Your Business Renovation

If you are a business owner in Sonoma County with a brick and mortar location, you might be dreaming about renovating your current space. Up and coming businesses are making bold statements with contemporary touches, leaving older establishments behind in their wake. 

Whether you own a retail store, hair salon, or restaurant, many businesses in Sonoma County can benefit from a commercial renovation. Not only will fresh upgrades make a difference for the atmosphere inside your location, renovated spaces prove to attract and retain more new customers and clients. 

Before you get excited and declare “demo day!”, there are a few things to consider in your renovation adventure. DRF Builders is here to see you through it all. Read on for three reasons you should hire a professional design-build firm to see your renovation through to success.

We Help With the Design of Your Business Renovation

Design – Many business owners have a specific vision for their brick and mortar location. DRF Builders is an experienced and trusted design-build contractor who can help you plan and execute the perfect space.

In the case of Petaluma Hair Company, DRF Builders helped bring a modern vision to life, with a bright & open space and a clean design.

Some features for your new space can include:

  • Sealed concrete floors
  • Tile wainscoting
  • Overhead track lighting
  • Barn style sliding track door
  • Exposed ceiling

Permits – As a design-build firm, we provide you with architects, engineers, and other professional services you may need for your project. Once your project takes shape in the form of blueprints, we handle the entire permit process for you. We submit the blueprints to the city or county and then work with the architect and engineer for any revisions needed until the permit is issued. 

We Won’t Forget About the Basics

What basic upgrades will your business need moving forward? If you are a salon or restaurant, the plumbing could be a huge part of your renovation project. Hiring a professional, like DRF Builders, is a sure way to ensure you basic necessities stand the test of time.

Lighting is a game-changer for retailers. A professional design-build firm will help ensure all electrical is up to code, energy efficient, and working it’s magic to help you sell more products. 

Other things, like ADA-compliant bathrooms, might also be on your business renovation wishlist and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

We Will Stick to the Timeline of Your Renovation

As a business owner, you will need to plan for the time it will take for your renovation. Customers might not be able to visit your current location for this time, and any delays could mean lost profits for your business.

DRF Builders takes pride in our timely and responsible work ethic. We strive to hit the ground running to complete your project within the budget and on time while maintaining our standards of excellence.

Hiring a Professional for Your Commercial Renovation is the Right Choice

Having a trusted and experienced professional by your side through your commercial renovation is sure to have stunning results. If you are getting ready to renovate, take a moment to peruse our online portfolio of work

DRF Builders has been designing and building extraordinary homes in Sonoma County for ten years, and takes the same care in planning and executing commercial renovations. If you are looking to upgrade your business in a timely and beautiful manner, contact us today