How New Home Construction Can Benefit You The Most

No matter how nice an existing home is, it was not built for your specific needs. If you are looking for a new home in Sonoma County consider all the advantages of new home construction. When you choose to build a house, you are choosing to make your dream home a reality.

Below are our top 3 reasons a newly constructed home will benefit you the most.

1. Build The Home Of Your Dreams

Our home building experts at DRF Builders know that anything is possible when you decide to break ground on your new home. Our design build team guarantees every feature of your house will meet your specific needs.

We handle every new build project from conception to construction, working with you and guiding you through the process from start to finish.

Buying an existing home means you are settling for someone else’s idea of perfect. When you choose us for your custom home building needs we work with you to design a home that meets all your expectations.

2. Building a New Home Means Building a Greener Future

Building a custom home can mean savings on your energy bill, but did you know it also lowers your carbon footprint? 

Our years of experience in new home construction ensures we stay up to date on all building codes, appliances, and home systems, many of which are much more energy efficient than ever before and have very little environmental impact.

When you choose to build your dream home, not only will you be saving money on energy costs, you will also be taking a big step towards a greener tomorrow.

3. You Only Have To Buy It Once If You Buy It Right

The costs to build a custom home is probably a lot more practical than you may think. With all new features throughout the house, you won’t be forced to spend extra money on unexpected repairs. When you hire DRF Builders the quality of our work and building materials ensures you won’t need to worry about any surprise leaks or broken pipes, for years to come.

Plus, building a new home means your budget goes where you want it. From the start of the project, you have the opportunity to put your dollars towards what is important to you. We will work with your vision and finances in mind, with thoughtful planning around your budgetary requirements and desired outcome.

DRF Builders Wants to Make Your New Home A Reality

DRF Builders is an experienced construction company that you can trust to build you the home of your dreams. Our team at DRF Builders specializes in custom built homes and we take pride in our high quality production, timely completion of projects, and responsible work ethic. 

With the completion of several of our new Coffee Park homes in the wake of the Northern California wildfires, we are proud to have played a key role in transforming this severely damaged area of Santa Rosa back to a serene neighborhood. We want to celebrate with our community by inviting you to start building your dream home with us as we take on new construction projects in 2020.

If you would like to learn more about our new home construction services, call or contact us online today.