Springtime always feels like a new beginning and there really isn’t a better time to start your home build/remodel project. So shake off those winter blues and start getting excited to break ground. Here are 4 reasons to start building your dream home in the spring.


Few things can put the brakes on your construction plans quite like inclement weather. The winter may be too cold, the summer may be too hot, and anywhere in between, it could rain, rain, rain. While rain could potentially cause building delays in the springtime, you could likely anticipate comfortable and dry days that are perfect for construction. Plus the days start to get longer in the spring and that means more time working and less time waiting.

Get Ahead of the Building Rush

An advantage to getting on your contractor’s calendar early is that your project will likely be started sooner rather than later. Summer can be a very busy time of year for home builders and the longer you wait to get the ball rolling, the more likely your project could be backlogged and put on hold. Beat the rush and be among the first spring projects on the books.

Extendable Build Season

If your home build project or remodel happens to be especially large, complicated, or complex then starting in the spring will help you to breathe easy knowing you have plenty of time. Taking advantage of the optimal building months allows your builder to work through spring, summer, and even fall if necessary. Delays are never desired but having the ability to accommodate them when they do happen is always preferred.

Less Disruptive

Another great reason spring is a good time for a remodel is that it may be less of a disturbance for you and your family. The busy holiday season is well behind us and summer activities and trips are still ahead. For many, spring is a slow-down period and great for knocking out a few building projects.

Put Down Roots with DRF Builders

To learn more about the advantages of an early start and to see what your options are, contact the home construction experts at DRF Builders. Whether you’re building from the ground up or sprucing up the homestead for the many springs to come, we’ll be right there with you every step of the way.