Ideas That Add Storage Space to Every Room in Your Home Remodel

There are millions of little life hacks to help you get organized at home, but for many homeowners, it is actually their house that’s holding them back. If you struggle to find room for your daily essentials or find it a challenge to conveniently store things, a home remodel could be your best solution to incorporate additional storage space.

Your home is not a place you should have to make compromises and having adequate storage capacity is essential to getting the most out of your space. If you are planning to remodel your home and get more organized, here are some creative ways to maximize the storage space in every room of your home!

Kitchen Remodels that Create More Storage

If you have ever struggled to find a lid to your travel mug, or purchased double the ingredients for something because you didn’t know you already had it, it may be time for a kitchen remodel. The extra time it takes searching for something in your kitchen and extra money spent on things you just couldn’t find in your pantry can add up fast. 

At DRF Builders we know how valuable your time is and want to work with you to design a kitchen to works best for your daily routine. Our design-build team has many creative ways to create more storage space in your kitchen that combines both aesthetics and utility.

Kitchen Storage that Won’t Take Up Floor Space

  • Build a mini fridge into your kitchen island
  • Add pullout shelves to cabinets for easy access
  • Think vertically and convert unused wall space into recessed or floating shelving

Creative Ways to Add Storage Space with a Master Bathroom Remodel

Master bathrooms tend to collect clutter and easily end-up unorganized and overwhelming. Outdated features and inefficient layouts are not characteristics you want in a room that gets used every day.

DRF Builders understands the need to integrate luxury and functionality in a master bathroom remodel and we want to design a space perfect for your daily needs.

Creative Storage Solutions For Bathroom Products

  • Add recessed shelving between two wall studs
  • Hide bathroom cleaning products in a low recessed cabinet 
  • Add multipurpose features like a mirror that is also a cabinet

Add Storage Solutions to Your Master Bedroom

Bedroom storage hacks are a dime a dozen because no one wants to start their day in a room that is untidy and disorganized. But maintaining a clean and organized space requires long-term solutions. Remodeling your bedroom with DRF Builders can help you maximize your space and bring harmony to your daily routine.

Bedroom Storage Solutions

  • Replace crown molding with shelving solutions
  • Install a fold-down desk
  • Open up your floor plan with a built-in recessed dresser

Clever Ways to Add Storage Space During Your Living Room Remodel

There are endless possibilities when it comes to remodeling your living room to establish clever storage space. If you want to create an open space to host more friends and family, or just need a way to cut down on the clutter, our design-build team at DRF Builders can customize your living room layout to match any lifestyle.

Clever Ways To Add Storage to Living Room

  • Redesign a staircase with built-in shelving 
  • Create storage solutions with double-duty furniture like a storage ottoman 
  • Ditch the TV stand to save space with a built-in wall entertainment shelf

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