Home Office Remodel Ideas to Help Boost Productivity

When you start working from a home office it’s important to consider how to best maximize productivity. Customizing your office can create an environment that energizes and inspires you every workday. Whether you’re new to remote work or just need to bring new life to your current home workstation, our design-build team at DRF Builders is here to help optimize your space.

Simple Home Office Remodel Ideas that Make a Huge Difference:

  • Add additional outlets to convenient places 
  • Get a smart thermostat to maintain your optimal office temperature
  • Invest in an ergonomic workstation to promote good posture and comfort
  • Create extra storage with multi-purpose furniture

Below are things to consider when remodeling your home office to maximize your productivity while working remotely.

Customize Your Office Layout to Boost Productivity

With a custom home workstation design, you create a space that works as hard as you do. Maximize productivity and maintain organization with a room that is designed to serve you and your remote business responsibilities.

Separate Work From Home Distractions

High traffic areas of your home could put your productivity at risk. Adding a pocket sliding door will save on space, but give you more privacy during work hours. If you plan on seeing clients, adding a door from the outside directly to your office can be a big convenience and good separation for your normal living space.

Sound Proof Your Office

Block out noise pollution and distractions from the outside or other rooms of the house by soundproofing your office. Adding a solid core door can help absorb extra noise, double pain windows obstruct sounds from outside, and acoustic ceiling and floorboards inhibit noise from bouncing around.

Keep Your Home Office Organized

Our team at DRF Builders understands the importance of getting the most out of your workspace. To bring organization to your space, we seamlessly integrate functionality in the design of your new home workstation.

Home Office Storage Solutions

Having easy access to items you use every day will be essential to developing your optimal daily work routine. Similarly, having enough aesthetically-pleasing storage space to keep extra office supplies on hand will make staying stocked and organized a breeze.

Control The Lighting in Your Home Office

Having adequate lighting in your home office can bring many benefits to your workspace. When you add more light to a room it can reduce eye strain, improve your mood, and help you stay energized and focused on work.

Add a Window

Natural light helps regulate your body’s natural asleep and awake cycles. By adding more windows to your home office, natural light will help keep you energized. You can also give yourself a nice relaxing view to enjoy nature while you work with additional windows.

Energy Efficient Lighting Will Save You Money

Replacing inefficient light features in your home office will save you money in the long-run. Install LED light bulbs that last for years and use a fraction of the amount of energy compared to outdated options.

Choosing a Design-Build Firm for Your Home Office Remodel in Sonoma County

If you find it challenging to stay organized or focused in your home office, it may be time for a remodel. When you choose a professional design-build firm like DRF Builders for your office remodel, we ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

From conception to construction and until completion, our experienced team will work alongside you to design and build the custom home workstation of your dreams. We are proud to have served homeowners and business owners in Sonoma, Napa, and Marin County since 2009. Contact us online to learn more about our services and how we can help with your home office remodel project.