Common Commercial Remodeling Misconceptions

Commercial remodeling is an exciting process for you and your business. However, some misconceptions can lead to pricey mistakes and project delays. This guide explains common myths you should know about before starting your next commercial remodeling project. 

1. Myth: It’s Cheaper to Do It Yourself

A person installs laminate wood flooring for a commercial remodel.

It’s a common misconception that DIY remodeling projects can save you time and money. However, this simply isn’t true. In fact, a DIY approach to commercial construction might end up costing you more in the long run. 

When you attempt a commercial remodeling project yourself, seemingly small mistakes can easily end up costing much more than you originally anticipated. Oversights add up quickly, costing time, effort, and money to fix. Plus, without professional training and education, commercial remodels can also be potentially dangerous if caution is not taken during demolition work or while using certain equipment. 

Sourcing the right materials, operating construction equipment, and efficiently managing unforeseen delays, are all things that commercial contractors have years of professional experience with. A good commercial contractor can source the most cost-effective building materials and utilize time-saving construction techniques all without ever compromising on the quality of your project. They will also be able to clearly define a cost estimate and provide timelines for the duration of a project. 

Relying on professionals is a cost-effective way to approach any commercial remodeling project. Professional commercial remodeling contractors will have the expertise needed to provide you with quality work and peace of mind. 

2. Myth: Commercial Remodels Have Low Return on Investment (ROI)

A woman sits at a desk, looking over financial documents to calculate the return on investment of a commercial remodel.

Many business owners believe that commercial remodels are too expensive to be worth it, but this isn’t always true. Although it will cost money upfront, professionally remodeling commercial spaces can have a significant return on investment (ROI)

Whether your goal is to improve the overall functionality of the property or give it a cosmetic refresh, when done correctly, commercial remodels can greatly improve the long-term profitability of a property.  

Some of the best ways to maximize your ROI during a commercial remodel are:  

  • Incorporate tenant improvements (TIs) to reduce turnover 
  • Improve safety features 
  • Increase property security features 
  • Address cosmetic concerns 
  • Make energy efficiency improvements

3. Myth: Green Commercial Remodels Aren’t Worth It

Solar power engineer installing solar panels on the roof of a business during a commercial renovation

As a commercial property owner, green remodeling can actually save you a lot of money in the long run. By incorporating energy-efficient upgrades during your commercial remodel, you can reduce your ongoing operational costs including monthly utilities, which can potentially save you thousands of dollars every year.  Here are some examples of energy-efficient improvements you can add to your commercial remodeling project and how they can save you money: 

Upgrading to LED Lighting 

LED bulbs are some of the most energy-efficient light bulbs on the market. The average LED bulb can offer up to 100,000 hours of light – that’s an almost 12-year lifespan for a lightbulb! They also use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. Upgrading all your lighting fixtures to LED will lower your electrical bill, as well as your environmental footprint. Plus, because LED bulbs last so much longer, you spend much less time and money on building maintenance. 

Adding Solar Panels 

Solar panels are renewable energy sources that reduce carbon emissions—and your monthly electrical bill. With low maintenance costs and a high ROI, adding solar panels to your commercial building is a great eco-friendly remodeling idea that pays off quickly. 

Installing Double-Paned Windows

Installing double-paned windows will improve your commercial building’s insulation and help stabilize the interior temperature. This will make it cheaper to heat and cool the building, saving energy and operational costs. 

Install Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures

Upgrading your plumbing to be more efficient is a great way to save water and decrease utility costs as well. Low-flow toilets and other plumbing fixtures save water by mindfully reducing the water flow rate, which benefits both the environment and your budget.

4. Myth: Commercial Building Permits are Optional

A close up of hands as a group of people go over commercial remodeling permits and other important documents at a desk.

While building permits might seem like an unnecessary hassle, this is a step you can’t skip. Permitting is a mandatory part of the commercial remodeling process, and ignoring it will result in serious fines and other costly consequences. 

While the permitting process for a remodel may seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be if you work with a commercial contractor. During a commercial remodel, your general contractor will oversee all the required permitting and inspections on your behalf, ensuring your project always adheres to local regulations.  

Bring Your Next Commercial Remodeling Project to Life with DRF Builders 

There are lots of misconceptions about commercial remodels, but separating fact from fiction is the first step to saving yourself time and money in the long run. A commercial remodel can be a great investment for you and your business when you choose to work with professionals. The commercial contractors at DRF Builders want to help bring your vision to life. We’ll walk you through the entire process to ensure you’re aware of every step as we expertly plan, schedule, and execute your project. 

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