When Should You Remodel Your Office Building? 

Did you know the average full-time employee spends a third of their life at work? That’s a huge fraction, which is why it’s so important that office spaces are comfortable, practical, and inviting. A well-maintained work environment will keep employees happy and productivity higher than ever. This guide covers some key signs that it’s time for an office remodel. 

1. Your Office Needs More Space

An empty and spacious newly remodeled commercial office, with white walls and natural hardwood floors.

Overcrowding is a problem worth celebrating and an indicator of company growth. However, as your company expands, you’ll need to update your space to make sure it can support future growth and keep productivity high. 

An overcrowded workspace can make your employees feel uncomfortable, and your business could suffer as a result. Office workers need adequate space for maximum productivity and healthy morale. An office remodel can restructure your commercial building to make it a more suitable environment for your workers, and to give your business the room it needs to expand even further. 

2. Interior Is Worn, Outdated, or Not Functional 

Nobody wants to work in an office space that is worn, outdated, or not functional. An office in need of severe upgrades can not only be a difficult environment to work in, but it also appears unprofessional and can deter potential business. Peeling paint, creaky floorboards, poor lighting, and run-down carpet are all telltale signs that your office needs to be renovated. 

3. Your Utility Costs Are Too High

A woman sitting at a desk with a laptop and calculator, calculating utility costs for her office.

Outdated office buildings often have inefficient lighting and suboptimal heating and cooling systems. Your budget should be going towards bettering your business, not overpaying on utility costs. These inefficiencies can cost you more money in the long run and should be addressed as soon as possible. Remodeling your commercial office with sustainable upgrades can improve the functionality of your space and significantly increase utility cost savings.

4. You’re Reluctant to Invite Customers to Your Office 

If you’re embarrassed to bring customers to your office, this is a sure sign that something isn’t working. Your office is a reflection of your company, and you don’t want to send the wrong impression to the people you’re working with. An office remodel can make the environment more suitable for customers and accurately highlight your professionalism and qualifications as a company. 

5. Your Office and Brand Don’t Match 

A newly remodeled commercial office conference room with light wood floors and white walls.

Your branding needs to be clear to establish who you are and what your values are as a company, and this should extend to your office space. Making office renovations that contribute to a cohesive overarching brand image can boost reputability and authority, appeal to potential customers, and ultimately lead to better business.  

6. Your Office Needs Safety Upgrades 

Workplace safety should always be a priority. If your commercial office needs upgraded safety features, it’s likely time for a remodel. Some examples of safety features to consider incorporating into your renovation include fire alarms, sprinklers, outdoor lighting, emergency exits, and more. Improving the safety of your office building can not only reduce hazards but increase productivity and morale by giving your employees peace of mind. 

Trust DRF Builders with Your Commercial Office Remodel 

At DRF Builders, we understand the value of exceptional service. As industry experts with extensive experience, we’re confident we can give your commercial office building the upgrades your business deserves. Our design-build team is here to help you through every step of the remodeling process to make sure it’s completed in a timely and effective manner. 

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