If you look online for a reason to remodel your home, you’ll find one (or twenty). But the reality is that many projects carry with them a burden of high cost and unintended consequences. Without clear direction and smart decision making it’s easy for the Do-It-Yourselfer to get in over their head. However, with an experienced and reputable builder at your side, you can rest assured and move forward with confidence.

Below are 4 reasons to remodel your home without creating a veritable money-pit.

1. Intent To Sell

Many families either outgrow their home or their home outgrows them. When homeowners consider selling, they often take a look around and think about what could be done to improve their ROI (return on investment). There are indeed many improvements inside and out that have shown to enhance curb appeal, household functionality and put more money in your hands at the time of closing your sale.

Budgets matter and the best places to start with to make the most of your investment are:

Kitchen – updating an outdated kitchen is almost guaranteed to increase the value of a home. If budget is a concern, smaller cosmetic changes can go far. The kitchen is a focal gathering point for many families. Charm and function will pay dividends.

Master Bedroom – A welcoming and comfortable master bedroom is an important feature when selling your home. If potential buyers can picture themselves in the space then the value can really only go up.

Bathroom – Much like the master bedroom, the master bath should be considered first followed by any secondary bathrooms. And it is here much like the kitchen, that cosmetic changes can go a long way. Buyers take notice of bathrooms and an enticing style may be all that you need.

Curb Appeal – First impressions matter. When a potential buyer sees your home for the first time; fresh paint, clean landscaping, or a new roof might just seal the deal.

2. It’s Your Home, Make It Yours

Perhaps you are perfectly happy where you are. You have satisfactory space, the layout is fitting and functional, but there is just something about that wallpaper that you’re sure your Grandmother would absolutely love.

If you have the means to invest, then what a great time to get involved in a remodel. If you like your location and love your home, now is the time to make that bathroom decor just right, to add that needed functionality to the kitchen, or to finally add on that all season sunroom you just know will bring you to your happy place.

Go big or start small. No matter your budget, if it makes you happy then it’s worth the investment.

3. Expand Your Home Without Expanding Your Home

For many homeowners, the need for added space exists but they simply cannot afford to build a new addition to their home. After all, the cost involved in adding just a single room can really add up. When you factor in expanding your foundation, framing, roof, drywall, etc. The cost of just an additional bedroom or family space might not be worth the money.

But homeowners with an unfinished basement could potentially expand their living space by as much 25% to 50% without breaking any ground. Instead of a cold and dark storage room, a basement could be converted into added bedrooms or living spaces that would expand your square footage, boost your home’s value, and do so at a fraction of the cost of a brand new addition.

4. Retirement Preparation

Another sound reason to invest in a home remodel is if you’re confident you will be calling it home for many years to come. Whether you’ve downsized to a smaller abode after your children have left the nest or your mortgage is paid in full, now is a great time to remodel.

Redesign your kitchen to fit your desired lifestyle, replace bathroom fixtures with step-in showers or grab bars, and even alter entryways or hallways with limited mobility in mind.

If you’re like most, then you would like nothing better than to spend your golden years in your own home. Upgrading your home with age in place features will allow you to stay in your own home or community and do so safely, independently, and comfortably.

Your Local Construction Company

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With sound advice and creative ideas, we can help you through any home remodel no matter its size. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions you may have regarding your next project.