How do you boost your home’s value?

Outdoor additions are a great way to add value to your home. Buyers love the fact that there are extras on the property that they won’t have to build themselves. The ROI of a particular structure can vary considerably. But you can rest assured that a well-built outdoor addition will almost always boost your home’s value to some extent.

In order to maximize that home value though, you need to make the right outdoor additions. Here are some of the best ideas.

1. Pool House

If you have a pool, a pool house should be at the top of your list for outdoor additions. This type of structure can be both picturesque and practical. Plus, experts indicate that a pool house can add as much as 5% – 8% to the value of your home. Check out just a couple of the handy benefits. 


A pool house is a perfect place to store everything for your pool. Rather than trying to stuff pool toys, lounge chairs, umbrellas, and other accessories into your packed garage, arrange them neatly in your pool house. Plus, you can keep all the supplies and tools for pool maintenance together in a handy location.

Changing Room

Pool parties are so much fun! But what’s not fun is having people tracking pool water in your house. A pool house gives people easy access to a place to change without having to go into the house. Take it one step further and add a bathroom for utmost convenience. 

2. Stand-Alone Garage

How does your garage look? Is it packed with tools, equipment, off-season decorations, and other memorabilia? You might even have a hard time getting your car in there!

This is a sure sign that you could benefit from a stand-alone garage or shed. Relieve some of the strain on your garage and give your cars a safe harbor from storms. Cars that are parked indoors stay in better shape for longer. 

A building like this can really add value and desirability to your home. Buyers will love this little addition, which can really boost the price they are willing to pay.


Stand-alone garages are versatile and storage isn’t the only thing they can be used for. A finished garage can be an artist studio, home office, or even turned into a little cinema. 

Add living space and the value goes up even more. It’s perfect as a mother-in-law’s apartment or a place for an adult child to have some space. These types of ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) are becoming increasingly popular among buyers, helping to boost your property’s value significantly. 

3. Sunroom or Patio Enclosure Additions

Outdoor additions don’t have to be freestanding. An attached sunroom makes a fabulous addition, especially for people who love to enjoy lots of natural light. And as far as value goes, anything that adds usable space to your home is a big win. 

Insulated sunrooms function as extra space that can be enjoyed all year round. Non-insulated sunrooms are cheaper to construct but be prepared for a chill in the winter. It won’t be as cold as being outside, especially when the sun is shining through all the windows. However, it won’t be as snugly warm in the sunroom as in the rest of your house. 

Patio Enclosure

What if you already have an existing patio, but would like to turn it into year-round usable space? You can opt to enclose the patio. A glass-enclosed patio offers the same basic function as a sunroom. 

For better heat retention, go for walls and insulation. A couple of large, well-insulated picture windows can give you the view of the outdoors that you’re looking for without losing as much heat. 

Your home builder can help you pick the right option to fulfill your wishes and work with your existing structures the best. 

4. Pergolas or Covered Porches

But what if you don’t want to enclose your patio? Maybe you like spending time out in the fresh air, enjoying your backyard. 

A pergola or covered porch are both great ideas for seating space to enjoy the great outdoors. The amount of value they add to your property varies tremendously depending on the type of structure and other factors. But one thing is certain, these types of structures will always have some kind of positive impact on the home value because they open up your backyard to lots of entertaining possibilities.


A pergola is usually a stand-alone structure out in your backyard. A small one might frame the entrance to your garden, while a larger one may frame a seating area. 

Regardless of the type of pergola, place climbing plants at the base of the columns to climb up and over for a fairytale-like setting. Don’t forget to hang a few strings of twinkle lights to add atmosphere for lazy summer evenings. 

Covered Porch

A covered porch is typically attached to the house. The roof might be solid to keep off all sun and rain. Or you may choose a louver type that provides partial protection but gives more of a feeling of being outside. 

Regardless, these structures do wonders for perking up an outdoor space and giving you something to work with for further decoration. 

The Right Builder for Constructing Outdoor Additions 

Regardless of what type of structure you would like to add to your property, hiring a good home builder is key. They can help you figure out what type of structure would work best with existing structures. Plus, they can offer plenty of advice about placement and even design ideas if you’re not sure what you want. 

Reach out to us today at DRF Builders. We take pride in every structure we build. We make it easy for you by finding the right person to design your outdoor addition. Afterwards, we’ll submit the blueprints to the local authorities and make adjustments as needed to get approval for permits.

All you have to do is sit back and wait for your new construction to be built so you can enjoy it! So if you’re considering outdoor additions for home value or for your own pleasure, give the construction experts at DRF Builders a call.