Home Additions


Home Addition

DRF Builders in Sonoma County specialize in home addition projects that add square footage to an existing house or building.

Home Additions

A home addition can add space and be a much-needed improvement on an existing home structure. Whether you’re extending your house by adding an additional room or adding extra levels, a home addition is no easy undertaking. However, when well done, it can increase your home’s value and add the perfect amount of volume to your home. Not only are you able to add new character or value to one’s home but also key elements like more living space, storage capacity, indoor-outdoor access, or entertaining space. Whatever the reason for your home addition, our team is happy to help from start to finish.

Home Addition Types:

  • One-Room Addition
  • Second-story additions
  • Bedroom Additions
  • Bathroom Additions
  • Mother-in-Law Suites
  • Wing Addition
  • Outdoor Room
  • Prefab Additions
  • Sun Room or Patio Enclosure Additions
  • Conservatory Additions
  • Garage Addition

Trust the Sonoma County Experts in Santa Rosa

If you need help planning the right home addition plan for your home, let DRF Builders help. Our team is dedicated to helping you in every step of making your dream home addition a reality.  Contact us today to request a quote.